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  1. On I have met Sarah, first we were simply chatting, but the more we talked via the website the more we needed to talk even more. It happened that we shared a lot of same interests and passions, which was just great! We met each other on a rock concert of our favorite band, and it was just awesome, by the time we first met we were school alumni, and on that concert we decided to go to the same university. And since that time we are always sticking together, both of our parents were denying the fact that we are not like everyone else, but together it was easier for us to go throw this difficult moment. Me and Sarah are very thankful to not only for the fact that it gave us the opportunity to meet each other, but also for the fact that due to this place we were able to find a lot of good friends, who were giving us advices and supporting us when we decided to tell the truth ot our parents.

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