How to Make Your Profile on ViktoriaBrides Attractive

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How to Make Your Profile on ViktoriaBrides Attractive

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If you have read and heard a lot of romantic stories about how lonely girls found their destiny in the World Wide Web? And you’ve realized that you also want to plunge into the atmosphere of these incomprehensible and intriguing online dating, but you don’t know anything about how to get acquainted on the Internet – don’t worry. The main thing is the right beginning. Correctly created profile on ViktoriaBrides is half of the success. In this article I want to give you some tips on how to create a profile on a dating site.

  1. Fill in the profile information correctly.
  • The main photo of your profile should be the most attractive from the male point of view (yes, ask men to choose, but don’t choose yourself).
  • Any negative phrases in the questionnaire are not allowed – only pleasant positive words!
  • Flatteringly describe the type of man you want to date – if he finds himself, he will write or answer you. Don’t forget to point out the possible age of the man you want to build relations with.
  • It’s better not to specify sex as the main purpose of dating, it’s worth to write “relations and friendship”. Write the true information about children and marriage.
  • Point out 1-2 life priorities and describe them, the same situation with your interests and hobbies.
  1. Create an interesting nickname for your questionnaire.
  2. Your nickname is the packaging of “goods”. If you are a standard Kate, Hellen …, then only few will have a desire to examine your profile. Unusual or beautiful nickname causes real interest of potential partners. A good nickname should briefly reflect what is written in your sections “About me”. It must be POSITIVE.

It’s best to come up with several nicknames that reflect your character – you can change names and photos in advertising, attracting more potential “princes”.

  1. Create different questionnaires for different purposes.

If you are ready for a one-time sex and at the same time seek to get married, then it’s better to create two accounts. If a woman wants to marry a calm, reliable man, but in the process of searching she doesn’t mind having sex with the unsuitable for the role of husband “Macho”, it is better not to frighten the “future husband” with her hyperseciality and start two questionnaires – one about the sexual preferences, and another one should describe you as very decent image of a good wife. Each fish needs its own bait – and the search for a temporary lover differs much from the search of a husband. Photos in questionnaires must be DIFFERENT!

  1. Respond to messages of those men who are suitable for you and quickly agree on a date.

Be ready that in the first five days you will receive messages from perverts and idiots of the site – DO NOT PAY ATTENTION – this is SPAM sent to ALL. Immediately ignore such messages even without reading.

You are not obliged to answer all those people! Empty useless correspondence with unnecessary people, who are not interesting for you, mustn’t waste your time and energy!



Remember that multi-volume correspondence on this site is not among your life goals. The task is to check the applicant for compliance with the minimum set of your requirements (at the same time and meet you with his wishes), exchange phone numbers and meet in real life. Another shortcoming of long correspondence (apart from wasting time) – both partners begin to fantasize about each other and fall in love with their fantasies. Disappointment and instant separation after a real meeting is almost inevitable.


It is better to immediately stop the correspondence and send to ignore after rudeness or inadequate messages – take care of meeting with psycho in real life.

  1. Do not hesitate to advertise yourself.

To start a correspondence with several suitable candidates, you have three options:

1) spend a lot of time looking at potential partner;

2) actively advertise yourself;

3) regularly pay for raising the questionnaire upward.

When you come up with a phrase for advertising, remember that your goal is not to collect the maximum number of views, but to attract a man you need. It is better to use the abbreviated version of “Whom I want to find” – if he recognizes himself, he will write.

There is an effective option of getting acquainted: to compose a text that is appropriate to your style of communication, and send it out to everyone. Miraculously the polite text of this type works: “Good evening. You make the impression of an interesting person. I would be happy to talk with you. ”

DO NOT SEND poetry or a long obviously prepared foreign text – such messages are insanely annoying and are perceived just as SPAM.

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